Thursday, 14 January 2016

Four years of Seepia Games

This week we celebrated our four years journey of Seepia Games. We had some home made apple pie made by me and my wife. For some reason our discussion went to butter and sugar and how healthy they are. Result was that pie was unhealthy and oh so excellent in taste that it does not matter.
Team tasting some apple pie on b-day!

We can be proud for our first four years. Pauli, the CEO of our dearest rival Headnought, reminds us sometimes that game studios survive in average about two years. Our game-time is already double! In a way we are in same situation as when we started. We have not been able to produce a hit-game with big commercial value yet and we need to do outsourcing for business customers to finance our game development. Then again, we have four years of game industry experience instead of none, we have released three games on seven different platforms with over 2,5M downloads, updated them multiple times to learn how to best serve our customers, built platform for turn-based multiplayer games, have participated different events almost on all continents. You can say that we are in better shape than ever and ready to strike.
Jukka presenting our growth strategy earlier last year

Coming year looks very promising. We are developing Permia - Duels II that will bring our loved game from middle class to the top where it belongs. We are experiencing a time of change where we go from HTML5 to Unity, we are aiming for bigger platforms than before and we are actively looking for new partners and talents to help us to reach our first goal to have sustainable business.

I want to personally thank everybody that have influenced Seepia Games and who will influence us in the future. We are living our dream and soon we can even afford to do it. :)

- Jani Tietäväinen


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