Thursday, 4 December 2014

Permia - Duels: Back into action

Games take a lot of work to do. It is also hard to estimate the required effort as correctly, as often multiple iterations are required to get it right. For a small company like Seepia, the resources are always limited and simply not enough to accomlish everything we would like to do.

As such for the last half a year, our whole team has been concentrating on getting Pet Shows ready to be published on Windows Phone. Unfortunately during that time, we have had little time to concentrate on developing Permia - Duels beyond the Windows 8.1 version released in July. But now Pet Shows is finally out! We are now concentrating our efforts for updating the games and taking them to new platforms.

For Permia - Duels we are working on a major updates. Part of the updates will be published in December to kick of our Christmas campaign: there will also be Christmas present for all active player and the Christmas booster available, so Christmas will be a great time to play Duels! Rest of the updates will be published in January

The game will have a completely improved graphical outlook. We have learned a lot compared to when the Duels UI was originally designed. With the clearer presentation, added polish and fancy animations the game is starting to simply look great! 
Early concept art of the new game view.

Among other improvements of the update will be an improved mailbox, updated achievements, percentage based season rewards and a possibility for filtering tiles in the deck editor. For the daily challenges we are planning to change the system such, that skipping a single day won't lose the whole progress.

With the update, we are bringing the Windows Phone version also to the universal app world. This will mean using the Live ID as the primary player identification method instead of the ANID2 which is currently used. To do that, we are creating a separate helper app for linking the ANID2 accounts to Live ID for players who have not yet done that in the game. The reason for the separate app is simply that ANID2 is not available in the universal app builds.

For a bit further in the future, Duels will be extending to other platforms. The tutorial still needs more work. Also a Facebook connection to enable playing with friends as well ass the ability to communicate with other players during games will be added eventually. Additional content, like single player campaign, new units and special powers, new game modes and guilds are all planned.

So fear not! While the update schedule of Permia - Duels have been a bit slow lately, we have not abandoned the game, just been too busy with Pet Shows. Now we are again back into the track of making Duels the best collectible card game around!