Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Our blog has been quiet for a while now. It’s about time we gave you a quick update what’s happening inside Seepia’s offices.

We moved into a new office a couple weeks ago. Nothing terribly exciting, we are still in the same “business park” and about 2 minutes’ walk away from the old one. Pros? You no longer need your little magic access token to get back to your desk after a visit to the loo or the coffee machine. Cons? We are spread across three different rooms now which obviously is not the end of the world but it does make communication a bit more difficult.

Development wise, we have all been working hard to get Pet Shows ready for release. The game is starting to shape up. We have made some pretty major changes in the past months but it has definitely been worth the effort. The game looks better than anything we’ve released before and the reaction from people we have shown the game to has been overwhelmingly positive. We will post a more detailed update about Pet Shows soon.

We also recently released a Windows 8.1 version of Permia – Duels. The world outside mobile phones is still somewhat uncharted territory for us so it will be interesting to see how things develop on that front.

All in all, "busy" has once again been the operative word for us. I won't promise you more frequent blog updates but I do promise that you will hear more about Pet Shows soon.

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