Monday, 23 September 2013

The blog

First of all, welcome! This blog is long overdue. When we founded Seepia Games, one of the goals, a part of our vision really, was to be as open as possible. So far, our openness has only reached so far. With this blog, we will hopefully start edging towards being more open.

Pretty much any startup can start its first blog post along the lines of "it's been a hectic year/month/etc.". I'll spare you from the usual oh-we-are-so-terribly-busy lament. If you're running a new company and you're not busy, you are doing it wrong. Disclaimer: future posts may contain whingeing about deadlines, hecticness and whatnot. Bear with us. :)

Our goal is to have everyone from the team writing posts every now and then, so the topics covered should range from the "joys" of running a games studio to network programming. Each of us will likely focus on our strong areas so do not expect game design articles from me or a visual design masterclass from monsieur Rönkkönen. If there is anything you really think we should write about, just get in contact with us via email, Facebook, Twitter or email.

We will post roughly once a week but you may see more posts around important events such as games exhibitions etc. If you fancy even more regular updates, following @SeepiaGames on Twitter is a good idea.

If you already do follow us on Twitter, you will have noticed that we are currently in AppCademy, a four-week accelerator program kindly sponsored by Aalto UniversityNokia and Microsoft. I will be writing a more detailed post about our learnings here later on.

Again, please, please be active and get in touch with us so we can write about the things you are interested in!

Thank you!

 - Pasi / Seepia Games

(My fancy job title is "Creative Director" - in practice, I'm responsible for all things visual in the company.)

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